Earnings Update – Goldmoney

Earnings Update – Goldmoney

By Julien B. Booth

November 22, 2019

Good Evening:

Below you will find a link to the earnings for Goldmoney.com. Goldmoney.com is a position we hold and will build upon as the company matures.


In contrast to the money incinerators often profiled on CNBC, Bloomberg et al., Goldmoney is producing real results.
It is truly sad that financial journalism is so negligent to hype the Tesla, Peloton, Uber, Lyft, Smile Direct, Slack, WeWork (almost), etc. over companies that generate sustainable results.
Wall Street never tires of selling stories.

See: https://howmuch.net/articles/unicorns-ipo-performance-2019

Please advise questions,

Julien B. Booth
Forest Capital Corp.