Quick Notes – Mania to Panic

Quick Notes – Mania to Panic

By Julien B. Booth

March 9, 2020

Good Morning:

We are seeing a rapid re-pricing of risk assets over the past 3+ weeks.  Quick notes:

1.  This is not a 2008 systematic meltdown.
2.  Computer algorithms now run markets – therefore it will hurt all listed and exchange traded securities.
3.  Understanding ones underlying asset is imperative.
4.  Our primary holdings: bonds, preferreds, real estate, and Gold hold-increase value in a 0% rate world.
5.  An investment/gift (my Mothers birthday) in our portfolio company Mene.com (see pic) has performed wonderfully with low volatility.  Mene.com


The next weeks will remain volatile.  While we have little control over price performance in the short run, our focus on underlying asset quality will prevail.