Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

Reflecting on your portfolio performance

  • How well did your portfolio hold up during the latest market volatility?
  • How was your advisor’s communication?
  • What kind of fees are you paying?
  • Is your portfolio providing enough income to meet your needs?
  • Is there a built-in duplication of risk? Is your portfolio truly balanced?
  • Is your advisor a fiduciary / registered investment advisor?

BRC Wealth Management’s Portfolio Review is used to give BRC clients an assessment of their existing investment strategy.

BRC’s Wealth Management Team can guide clients through Covid-19 specific topics and issues.

  • Have there been changes to your portfolio since the crisis began?
  • Among your investments which companies will be the new winners and losers?
  • Is your portfolio positioned for the companies that will come back or is it positioned for companies that have struggled through this crisis?
  • Can all the companies in your portfolio find access to the needed liquidity for this business environment?
  • What is the bond market telling you about growth opportunities in the future?
  • How much of future earnings are promised to new or existing creditors?
  • Will the public markets evolve or will they keep making the same mistakes?

Dana Christner, dchristner@brcwm.com / Julien Booth jbooth@brcwm.com

Our team of investment professionals will perform a detailed analysis of your investment accounts and provide a written assessment of your portfolio.